Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cuffs, Chains and Dangly Bits

Chains dangling off various parts of the body are proving to be extremely popular this season (yes of course i've jumped on the band wagon), but what are people thinking of Topshop's latest craze: The spike chain nose cuff?
I have to say its one thing having chains and dangly bits hanging from your ears, i mean its what ears are there for, but having 5 spikes draped across your not too sure. I have an idea that it would feel like you permanently had a hair across your face and you'd just keep wiping it away! 
Although saying this i know in a few weeks i will prove to be a massive hypocrite because im so curious im likely to end up buying one! 
Here it does look delicate and pretty i have to say!
What do you guys think on the whole situation? If any of you own one please post a pic :) 

Next i move onto the Cuff to lobe chain :) This delicate little beaut is from Newlook at a wonderful £4! Ear cuffs have become a must have fashion accessory in the last few months with trend setters like Topshop and Misselfridge sporting many styles and designs. I have to say i was a wee bit behind on this craze as i have a cartilage piercing in both ears and thought i'd look weird(er than usual). But as usual i caved when i saw this gem! I think it was the cross stud that sold it. Crosses have become one of the must have patterns of the season and accessories are catching on to it! 
This actually came as a pair and looks bangin' wearing both or just one! 

Something i feel that hasn't caught on as well as the cuff is the 'behind the ear cuff'. I brought this months ago, saw it on eBay and fell in love! Its a great accessory, really delicate and looks beautiful, although some friends were like WTF! But what do they know! 
There is however one massive design flaw to the 'behind the ear cuff'...On the most part the cuffs are all the same size on any style you have, one size fits all. Except one size doesn't fit all if, like me, you have fairly small ears. You'll find the bottom part of the cuff, that is supposed to be tucked away behind the ear, will be on show thus not giving the mysterious desired affect. It also slips off the back of my ear so i have to make-shift fasten it to my front lobe hole with a stud. I'd recommend if you are going to get one of these that you go to a shop and try it on and not buy it off eBay like me!
However much i have just complained about it though I LOVE IT! Just wish i was normal and had bigger ear!


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  1. Elle says:

    All of those earrings are so cute!

    Fashions on Top

  2. love your jewelry! the earrings are fantastic!!


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