Tuesday, 24 July 2012

< Hey spike >

So yesterday i bought these cute little fake leather, brogue boots from the 'Hiper Asia' super market (yes that is what its called.) for €8.. yet another bargain from Spain. They also had them in beige and brown but black is making a significant appearance in my wardrobe recently so i went with these beauts.
I mainly bought them, not just because they look fly, but in preparation for the dingy, wet english weather when i get back. My toes have too many a time fallen victim to soggy pumps! I reckon these should hold up! 

The other teeny tiny reason that i bought them is the fact that when i get home i intend to studify EVERYTHING! and i shall be starting with these, along the lines of something like this!:

EEEEEE can't wait! 
Anyone know where i can get lots of cheap studs?!? 


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