Sunday, 15 July 2012

Spanish bargains :) HOT HOT HOT

So today i braved the sweltering heat to walk around the spanish market for 3 hours, i will do anything for fashion, and i managed to pick out these absolute BARGAINS! 
Most of the stalls at spanish markets are pretty much dig and delve, survival of the fittest, i saw it first, that sort of thing. This tye dye beauty was buried and the bottom of the pile, the only one of its kind, so obviously i scooped that up straight away! Sorry about the crap picture quality!

If you cant't tell its long at the back short at the front with two zip pockets at the front. Mixed purple and reds i love it! Also makes my boobs look particularly big in this pic! i assure you i am not anywhere near that size but the dress is flattering all the same! 

Oh also it was only €4 :) 

Next i found this lovely little tye dye bikini (running theme here i know but hey it is in fashion!) This skimpy little two piece only set me back €3! I am bargain queen. ( not to blow my own trumpet or anything hehe) It did have some god awful pattern square things sewn on but i swiftly took them off, it looks much better without! I may stick some studs on when i get home :) 

And lastly the piste de resistance these beautiful, i have totally fallen in love with them will constantly where them out until i break my neck, WEDGES! 
€6 €6 €6! 

How ever there are a hell of a lot of straps but like this is going to stop me! 
Cannot wait to wear them out! 

So do you like my bargains?! How much do you wish England had these sort of prices?! Wish you were here?! hehe 


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  1. those are outrageous deals!! those wedges are just amazing, wishing I was there right now! haha I hope you are having a lovely time, and the spanish markets sounds splendid :)

    xxx emma

  2. Bowler says:

    Thanks babe ;) there will be many more bargains to come i promise you :)


  3. Lucky girl! Where exactly in Spain are you? I am currently licing in Valencia and in some streetmarkets you can find authentic GEMS for a couple of eur! xx
    Happy to be your newest follower on GFC. xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  4. Bowler says:

    Sweet! i love spain im just outside of Murcia for a month :) The markets are awesome i've got some great buys over the years, wish the markets in england were similar! It is odd though looking at the different type of fashion! Sometimes i wish i could wear some of the stuff jn England aha
    Thankyou for following :)

  5. Oooh love the bikini! So wish i was there right now :) xo

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