Saturday, 14 July 2012

Praying for Summer OOTD

So this post is a few days late as i am currently in spain enjoying the bright sunshine and 47 degree temperature :) ( just to rub it in a bit for ya) However this was my outfit the other week when England decided to have a day of summer! Saw the rays through my curtains and BAM my shorts were on, it wasn't quite warm enough but i was gonna make the most of it!

These particular shorts in question were bought at a car boot for £1! They were sort of mid length shorts but of course i cut them to hotpant size and frayed the edges, because thats fashion darling! 

TIP: My mate told me a bangin tip for fraying shorts, use a bread knife, gets the perfect look and its really quick :) 
High-waisted of course 1. because this style is flattering for my figure and 2. I love wearing crop-tops but not even i would stretch to hipster shorts and a crop top, BIT MUCH! 
I paired these beauts with a Miss Selfridge floral bra-let that my friend no longer wanted so i shotgunned :) This outfit kinda makes me feel like im in the 90's. In fact i caught myself the other day wishing i was my age now but in the nineties, i love that fashion era! I would have even been tempted to try a shell-suit!

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  1. Lovely bralet!

    Emma x

  2. great outfit, love your "cop top"

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