Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lookie what I found in the SALES!

So i saw the Newlook sale online and thought it looked rather good, however i am a very impatient person and hate waiting for clothes to be delivered, so i made an extra special trip into to town today to check it out and boy was it worth it!! 
Now of course all of these items are necessities so i don't feel too bad spending £60 that i dont have :P 
It was all arranged so neatly and the shop was fairly empty so it was heaven! By the time i'd picked everything out i wanted, my arms felt like they had done a full on work out and i had my mum carrying half the stuff! 

However these were the finalists:
First up we have this wonderful little charcoal crop top with a zip down the front. Now i rarely wear grey but at £6 i could hardly say no and it fits like a glove, so it looks like ill be adding a new colour to my wardrobe :) 

Now i know it is ridiculously easy to make your own tie dye leggings but these were £4 and the perfect pattern so i thought what the hell! Unfortunately they are rather see through, a flaw i find in quite a lot of Newlook leggings, but there are ways to get round that i spose :) 

This next purchase was purely because i NEED more T-shirts and with the sleeves rolled up, tucked into shorts or jeans it will make the perfect casual outfit. This is however, the third item of clothing i have now with a giant paisley skull on the front, just cant get enough of the grunge! glad skulls are in fashion :) 

Now this is a bit personal, but i HATE wearing bras! They are just sooo annoying! However i am a fan of unpadded bra-lets and i found these beauts at the back of the store. Super comfy, lace and neon, my three favourite things and only £2 each! 

This was the most expensive item i brought today at a whooping £10! :P I've been wanting a denim jacket/waistcoat for a while now, but i already have a light denim jacket from FCUK so i wanted it to be different. This is where this gem comes in. Newlook have done it in a range of colours and patterns all of which are beautiful but i choses this sweet colour because it fits best with my wardrobe. Although saying that i am having a little but of trouble deciding what to wear it with but im sure i'll find something :) 

When i saw this i couldn't believe how cheap it was: £8! Beautiful electric blue dress, on trend asymmetric cut, perfect with wedges to wear at the next sophisticated party i go to! Super happy with this purchase! 

I wasn't 100% about this little crop top at first but after trying it on, it fitting perfectly and it only being £5 it would have been rude to say no! I dont really know why it crossed my mind to say no in the first place, i love crop tops and have so many like this, but this is the most standy out pattern i have and i love it! It will be great with high waisted denim shorts on a night out, looking forward to wearing it :) 

Lastly i have these eye catching jeans for £7! I would just like to congratulate Newlook on finally having jeans that fit me in length PERFECTLY! I'm 5'1 and sooo fed up of rolling over the bottom of trousers but yay i dont have to do that with these :) I love the pattern too, it's something that you wouldn't normally find on jeans, more like leggings. Can't wait to rock them out with the new creepers i plan to purchase and a plain white tee! 

Well done New Look on your epic sale :) 

Watch this space for how i put these beauts into outfits!

Peace Out

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  1. Sparkle says:

    so many cute clothes! that dress is amazing!


  2. It is 100% acceptable when you come across a sale like that to purchase things when you have no money. Im impressed you contained yourself there, I know I would have spent way more! haha everything you purchased is quite lovely! & the blue dress is bold and going to look fantastic! That last crop top is wicked, and definitely worth it!

    xxx emma


  3. Emily says:

    The little grey bralet is lovely, I really want something similar to wear with a dipped hem skirt on holiday. I love the neon crop top too, not sure I'm brave enough to wear it but I bet it looks amazing!xxx

  4. The electric blue dress is absolutely gorgeous!

    Kate x

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