Sunday, 8 July 2012

And to complete the outfit... EARRINGS.

If any of you read my very first post you will have noticed I have a wide variety of accessories to complete the look on any outfit!
As you know (if you're a regular reader...if not then why not?!?) I do love my body chains, however I also have a passion for earrings! With eight holes in my ears I have to fill them with something exciting!
This summer it's all about danglies!

For the punk rocker in you I have these awesome spike hoops from Topshop. Studs and spikes have been very popular this year with celebs like Rihanna and Lady GaGa sporting them regularly. (naturally I've started studding EVERYTHING).

These next ones are big and beautiful but not gonna lie you can here me coming from a mile off with the jangle they make! They are perfect for a night out as they go with anything and everything. (and you can't here the jangle over the music!)

Accessorize are renowned for having exquisite taste in earrings (well accessories are what they special in) I got these gems for my twentieth birthday (of course I picked them out).
Again they go with anything but are perfect if your going for that Navajo look!

You know those earrings you have that you just through on because they are simple, easy and go with anything? Well these are those...need I say more?

Primark! Yes primark is where I grabbed these bargains at a pound! Great if you want to make a plain outfit look more exciting! Block colours go particularly well as it makes them stand out more! My favourites!

These are my beach earrings. Bang on trend for this summer, again another Primark bargain. They are beautiful, elegant and go with anything, especially a bikini :)

Boho chick? You want these! Stretching all the way down to your collar bone, they dangle beautifully and are a subtle enhancer to a casual outfit. Also look bangin' if you have long hair as they just tie in with your lovely locks! Also nice to wear one at a time, a big trend that hit last summer that I still do on the odd occasion :)

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  1. Love these earrings, especially the feathers. I look forward to seeing how you style them up!

  2. I have also began to stud everything.. Huge fan of all of these! I have the first Primark ones, I've hardly worn them, need to dig them out! xxx

  3. those spike hoops are killer! I may find myself searching for them.


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