Friday, 18 May 2012

When they said loungerie on the outside...

Sooooo getting ready to go out the other night was a hard choice, I have a whole wardrobe full of clothes yet sod all to wear! So I turned to the 'wear once in a while pile' and this is what I came up with!
As you'll see by most of my outfits I like showing a bit of midriff, tbh it's so I can show off my tattoo!

The LBS is a lil fav of mine, goes with anything and not blowing my horn but makes my ass look gooood :p
But what do you think of the crop top?
I'll let you in on a's a sports bra! Don't worry I wasn't going out nips on show! It does genuinely look like a tight crop top!
Paired with one of my fav accessories the body chain (makes anything plain look awesome!) I strutted out into town full of confidence, mostly due to the vodka but the outfit did help!
OH the TIGHTS nearly forgotten to mention them! These beauty's add a lovely bit of colour to an otherwise dull outfit, and stockingesque tights are very much in the season!

Peace out x
Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pretty woman.

This season Cut Out and Tie knot dresses are very much in, it's all about showing your midriff! As much as I adore this style, does anyone fell like it's slightly inspired by the Julia Roberts film Pretty Woman? You know when she wears that cut out dress as a hooker?! LOL
Doesn't bother me just sayin! :)

So as its in trend I of course had to get myself an item! This beaut is from Miss Selfridge and I adoreeee it! Haven't experimented too much yet with what I could wear it with but I'll keep ya posted!


Don't you agree??? 

Gone to the beach BRB!

Soooooo today was sunny! Yay!
I recently bought a gorgeous burgundy maxi skirt from,yes you guessed it, New Look, and saw this beautiful weather as a chance to show it off!
Normally I can't really get away with maxi skirts as I am 5ft 1 and they draaaaag on the floor behind me :( but this one is THE perfect length! And I must say I got many a compliment :)

Not only do I like to buy clothes I also make and design them :) I teamed this beaut with a plain white crop top I made :)

Baggy crop tops with tight high waisted skirts is a great way to show off your tiny waist.

So get on it girls!
Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Follow Button

I have had some feedback saying some peeps cant seem to find the follow/subscribe button:
It is located to the right of the page if you run your cursor down there the button will pop out :D 

please Follow Follow Follow :) 

Peace Out xx 

The Audrey Hepburn

After a week of rain and a hard day of doing nothing, it's six o'clock and I look out my window to see bright sunshine! Was tempted to head to the beach but I thought no, instead I'm going to wack on some accessories, do a new hair do and take pictures of myself looking ready for summer (I'm so cool it hurts sometimes aha)
I've gone for the Audrey Hepburn look (which my mate kindly pointed out) big Sunnies, scarf in the hair, scruffy bun, all bang on trend for this summer!

Braides, plaits and knots are also well in this season! I just can't seem to do the perfect plait so I went for the standard quiff :)

Hope it stays sunny!


Leopard Leg's

One of my best purchases this month :) At a wonderful £6 in the New Look sale these beauts are a purrrrrrfect edition to my ever growing wardrobe! And they go with so many of my tops, and I can wear them when I go out in the evening aswell :)

Here they are teamed with my lil Primark top with a cute petal collar but they also look ab fab with my old school denim shirt :)

Love them. Love them. LOVE them!



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