Friday, 18 May 2012

When they said loungerie on the outside...

Sooooo getting ready to go out the other night was a hard choice, I have a whole wardrobe full of clothes yet sod all to wear! So I turned to the 'wear once in a while pile' and this is what I came up with!
As you'll see by most of my outfits I like showing a bit of midriff, tbh it's so I can show off my tattoo!

The LBS is a lil fav of mine, goes with anything and not blowing my horn but makes my ass look gooood :p
But what do you think of the crop top?
I'll let you in on a's a sports bra! Don't worry I wasn't going out nips on show! It does genuinely look like a tight crop top!
Paired with one of my fav accessories the body chain (makes anything plain look awesome!) I strutted out into town full of confidence, mostly due to the vodka but the outfit did help!
OH the TIGHTS nearly forgotten to mention them! These beauty's add a lovely bit of colour to an otherwise dull outfit, and stockingesque tights are very much in the season!

Peace out x

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  1. Heyy
    thanks for the comment :)
    I lovee the body chain !, I bought one myself but I'm really struggling with what to wear it with, looks really cute with a crop top :)


  2. Bowler says:

    NP :) i love mine ive got two the other one is in one of my older posts, i wear them all the time they go great with any plain coloured tops, patterens not so good aha whats yours like? xx

  3. Sparkle says:

    it heppens to my every time i go out. i never ever know what to wear when i'm going out! nice outfit. love those tights!


  4. Cute Outfit,love the top and the body chain.

  5. I love body chains too, want one!

  6. Kfedland says:

    Your tights are gorgeous!x

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