Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I just can't get enough

A new dawn, a new day and a whole load of new things for me to buy :) Today i was woken up from my deep slumber to be told that we were going to yet another market, of course no complaints on my part but my dream had just got exciting! 
Driving 20min down the road to a lil place called Totana, where the chicken is good and the clothes are cheap!

I have to say though it was not as good as the market i went to the other day and to quote Miranda Priestly while i was walking around: 'I've seen all this before.' 
I did however manage to stumble upon two wonderful bargains. One was at, what i can only describe a second hand jumble stall, everything thrown on top of one another, most of it dated and resembling something my gran would wear, but not in the 'oooo this is so vintage kinda way!'. 
But again, right at the bottom of the pile, where everything decent seems to be i've come to find, was this sweet little Tee with... well i don't really know how to describe the pattern, but its bright and colourful and i think could easily pass for Topshop AND it was €2! Bargain!
I've been wanting some more baggyish T-shirts that i can just roll the sleeves up ( cos thats what the kids do now a days) and have a casual day. I love it! 

When it comes to handbags, i have to say, im not particularly great at choosing them. So many different types, sizes, colours i generally get all in a fluster, chuck it back and decide not to have one. Its the one accessory i just can't hack. Although saying this i am currently on the hunt for three different types of bag, a rucksack, a shoulder bag and a saddle bag. Well today guys i managed to cross one off my list and it wasn't particularly hard! 
€5, Mustard in colour, so will go with most things in my wardrobe, light to handle and did i mention €5!

It also went surprisingly well with the outfit i had chosen to wear today which was also a bonus. 

Well lemme know what ya think, there will be many more bargain posts to come don't you worry!


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  1. Cat0805 says:

    Love love love your bag, its gorgeous! Great outfit, perfect for the little sun we are getting :D xx


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